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Online Classes also available

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We have been actively engaged in executing what is required of our services under the updated academic content standards.

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JLPT/NAT Course Module

Right from mastering the basics of writing, reading, speaking to being able to certify yourself in Japanese language, Our JLPT/NAT courses can help you add enormous opportunities to your career. The course & teaching structure are curated in such a way to master every section that you encounter in the JLPT/NAT exam. And you know what the best part is? You can now have access to our trainings from across the globe, whoever & wherever you are, as we offer both online & offline courses.

Study in Japan

Japan, a wonderland, an attractive destination, is known for its excellence in education. Apart from studying in India, our team is also happy to support your student life in Japan. From assisting you with the application process to finding the right school/university for your growth to helping you find a part-time job, our detailed guide is all set to make your journey to Japan smooth & steady.

Placement Assistance

We understand that finding the right job for your career is the biggest concern of students. To make sure you get the job of your dreams, apart from teaching you, we also recommend our students to various better job opportunities, both in India & Japan. We assist our students with providing them the necessary details about the companies that have job vacancies matching their skill set.

Corporate Training

Learning a new language can add a new vision to any career. In order to accelerate the growth of leading organizations & help them overcome language as a barrier, we provide corporate level Japanese training to employees. We, at JIFL, initiate Japanese language skills for employees by developing a training program to train & inculcate language proficiency for the employees

Interpretation & Translation

With a motive of bridging the communication gap, we also offer interpretation & translation services on a global level for our clients. Get any piece of document translated in Hindi to Japanese, English to Japanese & vice versa with a human touch. JIFL also encourages its students to make money by pursuing their passion. So, if you are passionate about learning professional level translation & interpretation skills, we are here to help you. Apart from providing language services to our clients, we also train our students for the same.

Why should you study Japanese language?

Learning a language has a lot more to do with professional development. Adapting to the work environment & enhancing your overall communication skills is what we aim at. Our training program is a one of a kind deal !

An Insight to Language and Culture

Beautiful in its own way, Japanese language is considered one of the most alluring and captivating languages for its extensive system of politeness, discipline and its special script type. Learning Japanese language, no doubt gives us an insight to the culture but also helps us to broaden our perspectives.

Connect Globally

Taking Japanese lessons allows you to make new friends and connect with people around the world. It even introduces you to many emerging innovative and fascinating progressions. Manga, Karaoke, Anime, Jpop, JDrama have been heavily influencing people and are among the global trendsetters.

Career Opportunities

Given the high demand of the language, learning Japanese opens new doors to many job opportunities. Be it the translation field, as a Japanese tutor, content curator, hospitality, tourism or in embassies, learning Japanese paves way to expand professional options as well as connects us with others. Japanese firms have invested deeply in India which is not only improving the economic ties but is also encouraging the increasing number of jobs and business opportunities in both the nations.


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What we offer

On completion of a particular level with JIFL, the student is also  entitled to get a certification from the JIFL team.


Our JLPT/NAT courses are curated in a student-centric learning method to help you ace your JLPT/NAT exams.


To excel in any language, communication is a must skill. Therefore, at JIFL, we offer special kaiwa courses for our students


Apart from the group classes we also offer on-on-one sessions to focus on individual needs & flexibility.


To help our students overcome the inhibitions faced in their learning process, JIFL introduced short term capsule courses

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